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Out of boredom I was surfing around on the communities, looking up my particular interests. So I decided that I would look up Hair dye and lo and behold there is a community just for Amandas! And as I enjoy cuddling and abhor getting up early for work, it was a perfect match!

As for the popularity of the Amanda name, all through school I was rarely the only Amanda in my class. In fact, it wasn't really until I reached college that the occurance of the name dwindled. But this could, of course, be because I don't know everyone's name in my courses. One of my best friends is an Amanda. And I cannot tell you how many times we've heard the "Hey Amanda! Ha ha! You both looked" routine. Quite tiresome. I've taken to going by my last name, or just having people call me Fred. No reason, really, I just find it amusing. So, I am done babbling. (for now) Thanks for letting me enlist!
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