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And the title goes to...

For photography in times of need, Loyal Minion tiff_seattle has been awarded the title of "Press Secretary of War".

This photo of betanoir, leenerella and, vorona satisfies item #10 on the list of things that must happen before Raven will get a livejournal. Initially in the process of coming up with things it was suggested that three people who are rarely seen together at the Mercury should be photographed there. The three lovely ladies above mentioned were the ones we chose. But this item didn't make the cut on the grounds that it was too improbable, and then it went and happened spontaneously because of the Candy Potluck. That particular day Manda didn't have her camera, but tiff_seattle did and thus....

Afterwards Raven made the further stipulation that he would only accept this as being fulfilled if one of the photos had him in it and it was funny. (he'd been standing on the sidelines saying "should I be in these photos with them?" and I shoved him into the frame just as this particular shot was being taken.)
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