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The Livejournal 10 (assimilating Raven)

Hmm I should have posted this a while ago I think in order to solicit help from the loyal minions...

The thing is Raven should have a livejournal... For his own silly reasons he is resistant even though he sortof wants one. So we have to accomplish or help him accomplish 10 tasks before this will happen.

Some have already been accomplished and photo documented:

1. Have Krass and Cynthia felate the same Africola bottle.

2. Have Klingons sing Happy Birthday to Raven.

Some have yet to be accomplished:

3. A female that Raven does not know must buy Raven a Mind Eraser with her own money (we can ask her to do this, but we can't provide the funds.. I think however we could offer to buy her a drink in exchange I'm not clear on that.)

4. Viking night at the Mercury: We will take pictures of people wearing a little plastic viking helmet and holding a plastic sword or some other implement. We must get more photos like this than were taken of people wearing the Glampire shirt. Additional pluses are if any viking themed songs get played or any viking themed movies happen on the club tv's

5. Raven will marry all three AMandarmy Generals and the Space needle in a ceremony to be performed by Daniel, date as yet to be determined.

Some items are fuzzy and need to be more defined:

6. Some sort of group drink hijinks must take place.

7. Raven must be the proud owner of a black hoodie... with some sort of additional quirk to this occurance that has yet to be defined.

8. An ubergothy photo of Raven must be taken at Brandon Lee's grave on an as yet unspecified significant date.

9... er 9 is a seekrit for now.

10. has yet to be defined. Suggestions?
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